About us

The Rheinbraun Brennstoff GmbH (RBB) is the sales company for special carbon products in Germany.

Our customers include

  • the iron and steel industry,
  • NF metallurgy,
  • the chemical industry.

In short, all areas where solid carbon carriers are used in day-to-day processes.

Thanks to our direct link-up to the RWE Group with the trading companies operating there, we have first-hand access to solid fuels and special carbon products – worldwide.

One important production pillar is lignite coke from RWE Power's production, which is ideally suited for metallurgical purposes and which is exclusively distributed by LSR. Another product based on Rhenish lignite is activated lignite (HOK) which is used in the most varied of applications in the environmental area as adsorbent. HOK


RBB stands for

  • a needs-geared product range,
  • application-specific competence,
  • sophisticated logistics,
  • a quality-driven mindset.