Solid-fuel appliances – Planning is the first step!

The purchase of a modern heating system should be well prepared, because such appliances are designed to embellish your home for many years to come and bring you comfortable warmth. Hardly any other fixture changes domestic life quite as much as does a tiled stove, open-fire-stove or a fireplace.

Solid fuels

Heizprofi solid fuels comply with the applicable environmental regulations! For choosing the right fuel, please read the operating instructions of your heating-appliance manufacturer.

Environmental compatibility

Heizprofi products are fuels approved in line with the applicable environmental regulations (Germany’s Ordinance on Small and Medium-Scale Combustion Facilities – Verordnung über kleine und mittlere Feuerungsanlagen). To avoid unnecessary emissions, remember the triad of:

  • right fuel,
  • right heating system and
  • right handling.

If the heating system is operated properly, emissions from the combustion of high-quality Heizprofi lignite briquettes, wood and wood briquettes can be significantly reduced.

Further questions?

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