Anthracite, 25 kg, nut 4

High-quality anthracite from German production, offered in various grain sizes. High calorific value, little ash and low sulphur content yield excellent heating properties. Extraction, processing and, above all, constant quality control at the DSK colliery in Ibbenbüren guarantee an exceptional product. You buy long-lasting, cozy warmth at low cost, with ecofriendly packaging in 25-kg PE bags.


Art. no.
EAN code
PE bag
Gesamtgewicht (in kg)25
Körnung (in mm)16-23
Hight (in mm)1,600
Width (in mm)800
Length (in mm)1,200
Weight (in kg)1,000

Analysis reference values:
Carbon (in %)89-93
Moisture (in %)2 - 5
Ash (in %)3 - 5
Volatile matter (in %)4 - 6
Sulphur (with an impact on emissions in %)approx. 0.9
Net calorific value (in MJ)32 - 33.5