Solid fuels

Heizprofi solid fuels comply with the applicable environmental regulations! For choosing the right fuel, please read the operating instructions of your heating-appliance manufacturer.

Which solid fuels exist and what are the properties of the different products?

Solid fuels as wood and lignite briquettes are available in different packages. Please find an overview here:

How do I store solid fuels properly?

Lignite briquettes and wood briquettes should be stored in a dry place, e.g. in cellar, utility room or garage, or at least in a roofed-over area. Wood briquettes are compacted saw dust or fine wood chips that have been pressed into briquette shape under high pressure without adding any binders. They decay under the influence of moisture! Freshly chopped wood must be stacked in a ventilated – wherever sunny – location that is protected against rain, and dried for about 2 years. Only dry wood may be kept in a ventilated cellar.

Where can I buy Heizprofi products as lignite briquettes, billet wood and wood briquettes?

High-quality wood, wood briquettes and lignite briquettes of the Heizprofi brand are available from your specialist fuel trader, rural (Raiffeisen) cooperatives, DIY stores and supermarkets.
Special service is offered by your fuel retailer. On request, he will deliver the fuel all the way to your cellar.

Handling – How do I heat properly?

The operating instructions of the fuel-appliance manufacturer are decisive for handling solid fuels in the appliance. Only use the fuels specified there.
Please bear in mind that your heating system is no waste-incineration plant. Do not burn rubbish, plastic, cardboard, treated wood (painted, lacquered, impregnated wood or chip board), moist or green wood (moisture content above 20%). The burning of unsuitable substances leads to considerable environmental burdens, coupled with complaints from your neighbours. Also, use of unsuitable materials will damage your heating system and chimney.

Please find the heating instructions for perfect fireplace moments here:

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