Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel

Vienna, Austria
Former Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria

Year of birth: 1945
Place of birth: Vienna, Austria
Nationality: Austrian


Obtained a degree in economics and law at the University of Vienna
Obtained a doctorate


1975 - 1991Secretary General of the Austrian Economic Association
1979 - 2011Member of the Austrian National Council
1989 - 1995Minister of Economics
1995 - 2007Chairman of the Austrian People’s Party
1995 - 1999 Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister
2nd half of '98Chairman of the EU Council for General and Foreign Affairs
2000 - 2007Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Austria
1st half of '06Chairman of the EU Council
since 2008 President of the Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria (UNA-AUSTRIA)

Membership in other mandatory supervisory committees


Membership in comparable domestic and foreign supervisory boards of commercial enterprises

Adenauer foundation (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)