Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel

Vienna, Austria
Former Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria

Year of birth: 1945
Place of birth: Vienna, Austria
Nationality: Austrian


Obtained a degree in economics and law at the University of Vienna
Obtained a doctorate


1975 - 1991Secretary General of the Austrian Economic Association
1979 - 2011Member of the Austrian National Council
1989 - 1995Minister of Economics
1995 - 2007Chairman of the Austrian People’s Party
1995 - 1999 Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister
2nd half of '98Chairman of the EU Council for General and Foreign Affairs
2000 - 2007Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Austria
1st half of '06Chairman of the EU Council
since 2008 President of the Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria (UNA-AUSTRIA)

Membership in other mandatory supervisory committees



Membership in comparable domestic and foreign supervisory boards of commercial enterprises

Adenauer foundation (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)


Special other functions

Foundation „Demoskopie Allensbach“


Core competences

Utility sector - including international

Public sector - including EU and other countries

Managerial experience


Accounting, auditing and internal audit