RWE Power Fuels

Our core competencies are the operation of power plants and the extraction of energy raw materials. Here we are experts of long standing.
After all, the beginnings of Rhenish lignite mining go back nearly 150 years. And in 1898, RWE was already generating power in a small municipal utility. At our Company, progress has a long tradition. By now, our power plant portfolio, including affiliates, consists of 24 large-scale power plants and numerous smaller generating facilities. RWE Power, with two registered offices in Essen and Cologne, operates a number of power plants in many federal states, from Lingen in Emsland to Gundremmingen in Bavaria/Swabia. Including the power acquired from third parties, we make available some 190 billion kWh of electricity a year. This is enough to cover the power needs of 45 million households. RWE Power also produces a considerable quantity of heat. And we have one more invaluable resource to market: our knowledge. Over 40 countries import our technical, economic and ecological expertise in the areas of mining, recultivation, power generation and lignite upgrading.