Dagmar Paasch1

Regional Section Head ver.di NRWFinancial Services, Communication, Technology, Culture, Supply and Waste Disposal

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  • Year of birth: 1974
  • Place of birth: Velbert
  • Nationality: German
  • Member since: 15 September 2021
  • End of term: 2026


  • Training as a social insurance clerk


Since 1998 Trade union ÖTV / ver.di in various functions
1993 - 1998 AOK Rhineland, Hamburg

Membership in mandatory supervisory boards

  • RWE Generation SE2

Membership in comparable domestic and foreign supervisory bodies of commercial enterprises


Core competences

  • Comprehensive energy expertise (electricity generation from renewables, energy trading and conventional electricity generation
  • Expertise in company strategy development and implementation
  • Leadership experience
  • Profound knowledge of the public sector
  • Appropriate expertise in co-determination matters


1 Employee representative
Office within the Group