Merganser | RWE
Merganser | RWE

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Merganser is an offshore solar project under development. It is a new and scalable concept consisting of six interconnected platforms that can withstand extreme offshore conditions such as high waves, strong winds and a corrosive environment. The project is expected to be installed off the coast of Scheveningen in the Dutch North Sea in 2024.

Project status: In Development

Partners in this project

In partnership with SolarDuck, RWE is jointly developing the full-scale offshore pilot project Merganser with a nominal capacity of 0.5MWp.

The project provides RWE and SolarDuck with important first-hand experience in one of the most challenging offshore environments in the world. These unique lessons will accelerate the commercialisation of large-scale offshore solar power.

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Image credit: SolarDuck

Research & development

Cooperation with research institutions

As part of the Merganser pilot project, SolarDuck is collaborating with maritime research institutes, including: Delft University of Technology, TNO, MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) and Deltares to better understand the corrosion resistance of the solar and electrical systems, UV degradation of the synthetic anchors, deposition on the floats and the impact of offshore solar energy on the North Sea ecosystem.

Research & development | RWE

Facts & figures

SolarDuck's unique triangular platform, the first in the world to be certified by Bureau Veritas for offshore floating solar, is designed to float several metres above the water and follow the waves like a carpet. This keeps critical electrical components dry, clean and stable, and ensures the integrity of the semi-submersible structure, while allowing safe operations and minimal maintenance.

00 MWp


00 km

off the Scheveningen coast

00 metres

water depth

Other cooperation projects with SolarDuck

RWE is also working with SolarDuck on a 5MWp offshore solar project to be installed as part of our 760MW Hollandse Kust West VII offshore wind farm in the Netherlands, helping us realise our perfect match of supply and demand.

Building on our collaboration with the Merganser project and Oranjewind, RWE and SolarDuck will explore new opportunities with the aim of developing commercial offshore floating solar farms, both stand-alone and hybrid, in combination with other forms of renewable energy.

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Image credit: SolarDuck

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