Our purpose: Our energy for a sustainable life

Our ambition: Net zero by 2040

Our strategy: With Growing Green, RWE is investing 55 billion euros worldwide in the energy transition from 2024 to 2030

Our purpose:
Our energy for a sustainable life

Where would the world be without electricity? We all need electricity for light and heat, for communication and mobility. Digitalisation and electrification are further increasing the demand for power. At the same time, society is faced with the major task of protecting the climate. To do this, we need safe and clean electricity – and this is exactly what RWE generates. We are already a leading company in the field of renewable energy. As a shaper of the green energy world, we will continue to massively expand our green portfolio and reduce our CO2 emissions in line with the 1.5-degree reduction pathway. All in keeping with our purpose – Our energy for a sustainable life.

Our ambition:
Net zero by 2040

With massive investments in green technologies, RWE is making a significant contribution to the success of the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the energy system. While we continue to grow sustainably and profitably, we are consistently reducing our greenhouse gas emissions - in line with the 1.5-degree reduction pathway. We have already reduced our CO2 emissions by half since 2012 and are phasing out coal-fired power generation completely by 2030. Our goal is clearly defined: RWE will be net zero by 2040.

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Our strategy:
Growing Green

With our “Growing Green” investment and growth strategy launched in 2021, we are driving forward the transformation of RWE. In the coming years up to 2030, we want to invest €55 billion worldwide in offshore and onshore wind, solar energy, storage technologies, flexible generation and hydrogen projects. Our strategic core markets remain our domestic market of Germany, as well as the USA and the UK. We also want to continue to grow in the other European markets and in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region – such as Australia, Japan and Korea. By the end of the decade, our green portfolio will grow to more than 65 gigawatts of generation capacity. It will be perfectly complemented by global energy trading.

We are leading the way to a green energy world.

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