RWE Clean Energy

RWE Clean Energy

Who we are

Business areas Power generation from renewable energy sources, in particular wind, solar energy as well as battery storage
Locations North America

An overview of the company

RWE Clean Energy, a subsidiary of RWE Group, is a top tier renewable energy company in the United States. With more than 15 years in the U.S. renewables business, the company has an outstanding track record in developing, constructing and operating renewable energy facilities.

The 1500-person RWE team in the U.S. is fully committed to forging ahead with the clean energy transition in North America. RWE Clean Energy operates a renewable energy portfolio of about 8 gigawatts (GW) installed capacity of onshore wind, solar, and battery storage, making it the number four renewable energy company in the U.S. and the country’s second largest solar owner and operator, present in the majority of U.S. states.

As part of the RWE Group’s Growing Green strategy to expand globally its green portfolio to more than 65 GW of installed capacity and to invest globally €55 billion in the period from 2024 until 2030, RWE Clean Energy is determined to significantly increase its operating asset base in the U.S. This is backed by a project pipeline of more than 24 GW in onshore wind, solar and battery storage which provides for one of the largest development platforms in the United States.

RWE Clean Energy’s strong position in renewable energy is a result of combining RWE Renewables Americas with Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, acquired by RWE in March 2023.

RWE Clean Energy, LLC

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