HR goes digital

From appointment to professional development

Both the digital and the sustainable transformation of the RWE Group depend greatly on the company’s ability to successfully recruit new talents. RWE enjoys an excellent reputation, is highly regarded as an employer in Europe, and is highly ambitious when it comes to digitalising its HR processes.

The HR departments in the Group make use of chatbots, opportunities for process automation and new onboarding strategies to future-proof their HR marketing. Digital report books and online applications are gaining ground in young people’s professional training. RWE also scores with a multimedia careers portal that’s constantly being updated, in addition to its presence in careers networks and on social media.

Digital assistance with HR topics – Chatbot Sam

Chatbot Sam provides assistance to RWE employees in many HR-related areas. They can ask Sam a question or pick a particular HR topic. The chatbot provides general or specific information and supplies links that lead to the answers being sought. It’s a way to find contacts and also to receive documents and forms directly. Sam was designed to provide the best possible assistance when co-workers have questions, and can offer effective and uncomplicated assistance. Chatbot Sam learns continuously, which means it can answer a steadily growing number of questions from employees.

Chatbot Sam | Digitalisation @ RWE

Digital elements in training

RWE drives digital accessibility forward

All employees at RWE must be able to work effectively and without complications. Applications are developed, tested and adapted with an eye to digital accessibility. This ensures that the software being used is equally accessible for all employees. Thus, for example, a real-time subtitling function was installed for MS Teams to enable digital, international and also inclusive collaboration. Many other digital applications make working at a PC easier, including eye or voice control. A dedicated office has been set up to keep driving digital accessibility forward.

Digital accessibility | Digitalisation @ RWE

Efficient processes for joiners/movers/leavers

Smooth processes for onboarding, offboarding and in-house career moves are important for “joiners, movers and leavers” (JML). RWE has therefore harmonised, optimised and standardised these processes, and the result is an improvement in both user experience und the provision of information, in addition to uniform quality throughout the Group. That makes it possible to put automation processes in place and to identify and implement further improvement measures. By improving the synchronisation between HR and IT systems, changes in the HR system can be imported into the IT system more quickly. Information, documents and checklists on JML processes are made available in digital form for employees and managers and help to ensure an efficient workflow. Harmonisation at a global and Group-wide level results in smooth processes and the desired experience for joiners, movers and leavers, together with increased satisfaction with the process for everyone involved. 

Efficient processes for joiners/movers/leavers | Digitalisation @ RWE

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