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The sun’s power as a source of clean energy: Without the sun there would be no life on our planet. The amount of energy it radiates is unimaginable. Here on earth, at a distance of 150 million kilometres, we receive more than 1,300 watts of radiated power per square metre. That means it’s up to us to make use of this huge potential.

RWE invests in large scale solar projects and supports electricity generators, plant operators and others involved in developing, constructing and operating photovoltaic systems.

Solar energy: key component in the energy transition

Our efforts are directed at further improving the competitiveness of solar energy by reducing the costs of investment, operation and maintenance. The solar market is a key component in the energy transition, and will enjoy above-average growth in the coming years.

RWE can see huge potential for locations internationally, especially in Europe, the US, Mexico and Australia, and is actively involved in project development, construction and operation in those locations. Australia’s Limondale 1 and 2 solar farms, with production capacity of 250 MW, and the Hickory Park hybrid solar project with co-located storage facility are among the most well known large-scale projects in the sector.

Want to know how a solar farm is created?

Unlike other renewable energy sources, the construction  of a solar farm requires comparatively little time. That doesn’t mean, however, that the systems themselves will be short-lived. Far from it! Once the solar farm has been completed, it can operate for many years and thus help to maintain a sustainable energy supply system.

As soon as the basic arrangements and planning stages have been completed, the construction phase can start. Installation of the solar panels plays a key role, since these are the centrepiece of the entire facility.

We’ve put together some pictures to illustrate the construction of a solar farm.

Two employees create the framework of a solar panel | Discover renewables at RWE
Material and processing at the construction site of a solar park | Discover renewables at RWE
Two employees screw solar panels together | Discover renewables at RWE
Employees wire solar panels | Discover renewables at RWE
Completed panels of a solar installation | Discover renewables at RWE
A solar park from above | Discover renewables at RWE

RWE aims for growth in the solar market

Our photovoltaic activities in Germany

In RWE’s home market of Germany, the company sees particular potential for growth in solar energy, and is investing heavily in expansion in this area. Because the success of solar projects as a local business also depends on other local participants, we are strongly expanding our presence in all regions of Germany. The aim is clear: In the area of solar power in Germany, every project that’s possible is to be implemented. In addition to traditional utility-scale photovoltaic projects, we are focusing more strongly on innovative solutions such as the construction of floating photovoltaic projects on lakes and other bodies of water, and on agri-photovoltaic projects on agricultural land.

We are also focusing on hybrid projects to be able to respond more flexibly to the challenge posed by the energy transition. This involves a combination of photovoltaics and other technologies such as onshore wind power, batteries, flexible backup capacities and hydrogen.

How we at RWE are driving the energy transition forward and promoting structural change can be seen in the lignite mining region in Germany’s Rhineland, where a utility-scale photovoltaic system is taking shape in an open-cast mine – wherever possible also with integrated electricity storage systems.

Katja Wünschel | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Renewables Europe & Australia
Katja Wünschel | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Renewables Europe und Australia

“With the combination of photovoltaics and storage technology in one commercial system, at our location in Inden we are setting a key milestone as a plant operator in Germany and are gaining valuable experience for the expansion of renewable energies. The future belongs to hybrid technologies, also in the area of renewables. Those who take the initiative here and are successful will play a part in making the energy transition a success.”

Katja Wünschel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), RWE Renewables Europe & Australia

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Join us in tapping the sun’s power

We offer landowners the best possible conditions for implementing solar projects.

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