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Wind power at sea – RWE as an international technology leader

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Business segments Electricity generation using offshore wind power (renewable energy)
Facts about the company RWE Offshore Wind GmbH is a global energy company for sustainable power generation based on offshore wind power. The portfolio of RWE Offshore Wind GmbH covers wind turbines that are installed on the seabed as well as modern floating wind turbines. In terms of the total capacity of offshore wind power, the company ranks second worldwide. RWE Offshore Wind GmbH operates as a direct subsidiary of RWE AG. The company emerged from the former RWE Renewables GmbH, which was founded in 2019 and later split up into separate companies for each of the renewable technologies.
Locations Europe, United States, Asia

The company at a glance

RWE Offshore Wind – Global player in offshore wind power

The demand for electricity from renewable energies is rising dramatically. RWE Offshore Wind fulfils this growing demand by planning, constructing and operating offshore wind farms. Already the world’s second largest offshore company, RWE Offshore Wind GmbH plans to increase its capacity from the current 3.3 GW to more than 9 GW by 2030 (RWE’s share). As part of the “Growing Green” investment and growth strategy, RWE will be investing several billion euros in the expansion of offshore wind power. In connection with current projects in development as well as upcoming auctions in Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region, RWE Offshore Wind is preparing to implement several complex projects. Recently completed projects include the offshore wind farms at Triton Knoll and Kaskasi.

The offshore wind power generation business is experiencing significant growth worldwide. The hub that links wind energy producers and customers is RWE Supply & Trading, an international trading company. In the offshore sector, RWE Offshore Wind has a convincing track record in concluding power purchase agreements (PPAs). There are strong growth opportunities for the marketing of wind power across the entire range of technologies.

Taking a proactive role in the energy transition by using innovations and technologies effectively

RWE Offshore Wind tests a wide variety of new technologies in our offshore wind farms, enabling these plants to operate more efficiently and economically. In addition to the economic efficiency of our wind farms, their compatibility with the environment is the primary consideration. RWE Offshore Wind works exhaustively with its suppliers to reduce possible negative impacts on the environment. For this reason, we are testing the world’s first recyclable rotor blade at our Kaskasi offshore wind farm, off the coast of Heligoland. Other activities include research into the behaviour of marine life and birds.

In addition, RWE is involved in and committed to numerous programmes and initiatives that are designed to accelerate innovation in offshore wind and promote the development of new industry standards. These include campaigns such as the “Clean Maritime Initiative – Operation Zero” programme, the Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) programme, and the GROW cooperation programme, which is based in the Netherlands.

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