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How RWE positions itself in the age of digital transformation

Digitalisation @ RWE: Opportunities, goals and clear ambitions

RWE symbolises the success of the energy transition and progress towards a state-of-the-art energy world of the future. Employees worldwide are working to achieve the corporate goal of being climate-neutral by 2040. Besides a rapid expansion of green generation capacity, this calls for future-proof technologies and IT solutions behind the scenes of energy generation. As a power company with a global ambit, RWE identified this relevance at an early stage, and is now one of the forerunners in the integration of digital technologies. The entire energy sector is making use of the opportunity offered by digitalisation to optimise and automate plant operation in particular. RWE is taking this a step further.

Digitalisation @ RWE: Opportunities, goals and clear ambitions

RWE’s clear ambition is to rigorously transform all its Group member companies, and in this context digitalisation at RWE has developed from purely technological process optimisation to an across-the-board cultural change. Virtual Reality, data algorithms and remote-controlled power stations are already changing the working culture at RWE. New workflows and job profiles are replacing those inherited from traditional structures, and the nature of working in a team is also changing. The fact that RWE is highly accepting of newly introduced technologies and applications is also due to the parallels of digitalisation in society, business and private life. Video conferences are an everyday event, digital business models make people’s lives easier, and the level of interest in artificial intelligence is higher than ever.

Digitalisation and the digital transformation – RWE is part of the transition

Both of these expressions are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. The digital transformation of an organisation or a company tends to be understood as a response to, and thus a result of, advances made in digitalisation. The use of digital technologies, automation and standardisation of existing business processes – these are all highly important for RWE as a company. RWE’s business locations have already made great progress with digitalisation. The digital transformation – in other words, optimisation along the entire value chain, is becoming increasingly visible in the Group’s structures. The transformation leads to the use of new knowledge and the creation of new values.

What does digitalisation mean for RWE?

Digitalisation has a massive impact on corporate culture and existing work structures, which affects the entire energy generation portfolio for renewables and fossil energy sources, in addition to supply and trading activities. In the Rhenish region, where RWE is exercising its responsibility in exiting from coal-fired electricity generation by 2030, all IT systems are being bundled as part of the “Data Centre Neurath” and comprehensively consolidated there. In addition, smart dashboards in digital control rooms provide information on real-time production data and plant status. System-supported prognoses and models are replacing labour-intensive medium-term planning. The power station itself makes use of tablet computers, LED screens, VR glasses and robots.

This subject is also highly important beyond the power station operations and plant. Dedicated staff positions for digitalisation and the digital transformation have been set up as part of the organisational structures of the various subsidiary companies. RWE owns and develops thousands of apps that are used by employees and business customers. Cloud services, data science and digital learning platforms are all part of agile, hybrid working.

Apps and tools – digital RWE services for customers, partners and job applicants

RWE provides a series of highly popular digital platforms for various target groups. As they progress through their career paths, job applicants will find the company is an attractive employer, and suppliers will find a supplier portal online with dedicated accounts for orders, tenders and important documents. RWE Supply & Trading offers corporate customers a selection of apps for electricity and gas trading, and to measure electricity consumption. Key accounts and industrial customers at RWEST can stay up to date digitally using the VIEW portal.

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