Compliance is a core task

Guidelines for staff and business partners

RWE takes the subject of compliance very seriously. We set great store by the fact that our company does things by the book. Integrity, decency, compliance and respect for others and the environment form the basis for our corporate activities. At the same time, we are subject to laws, ordinances and other regulations.

Together with the RWE Code of Conduct, they form the framework that we operate within. We also place a lot of importance on the legal and ethical conduct and actions of our staff and business partners. We are very aware of our role in society and our responsibility towards our customers and business partners, as well as our shareholders and employees.

Acting in compliance with the law is enshrined in our corporate image

The energy sector is characterised by regulatory decisions, constant flux and projects with high order volumes. Avoiding conflicts of interest is a top priority at RWE because private interests must be kept separate from business interests.

We are just as strict about ensuring that decisions are not influenced by any type of undue advantage. To make this clear, we have developed guidelines in the RWE Code of Conduct that apply Group-wide, precisely defining how to handle business gifts and invitations, for example.

Information and training for employees

RWE ensures its staff and management are aware of compliance matters. Internal media inform our employees about compliant behaviour and about the possible risks in the event of breaches of compliance. Furthermore, they receive training on various topics via an online training programme and by attending events in person.

Participation is mandatory, categorised by the risk of corruption associated with an employee’s individual area of work. The Executive Board is also involved in the training programme.

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RWE publishes official Compliance Report 2023

The Compliance Report 2023 provides a review of RWE’s compliance activities in 2023 and the development of the RWE Compliance Management System.
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RWE Compliance

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