Do you own a power plant or a power plant fleet or smaller decentralised generation plants, or are you an aggregator with a power plant pool? Would you like to commercially optimise your assets and sell your capacities?

Are you looking for an experienced partner for contribution margin-focused optimisation of your power plant operation, taking into account pre-defined technical and commercial framework conditions, across all commodities and technologies, in the most valuable markets for you?

As a plant operator or asset owner, you need access to sell your flexible generation/production capacities on the primary, secondary control and minute reserve markets as well as the wholesale market. Do you want to safeguard your power plant with a reserve contract?

Benefits for you

Continuous optimisation (24/7): Maximise the contribution margin by allocating flexibility on the market with the highest value, taking into account the characteristics of the particular plant and the strike price. Continuous and automatic optimisation over all time periods for the entire portfolio, i.e. primary, secondary, minute reserve, day-ahead and intraday, and between all market forms, i.e. auction or OTC trading.

Financial benefits: Various compensation and settlement models including profit-sharing or models based on a transparent index.

Extensive expertise in the sale and optimisation of power plant output

Security of supply: Get back-up for your plants against technical outages via RWE’s generation portfolio. Can be combined with asset management services, e.g. optimisation of overhaul times, etc.

Our approach