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RWE’s Didcot B Power Station powers the region for 25 years

Jason Tame who worked at Didcot for 27 years cutting the birthday cake
  • Didcot B Power Station celebrates 25 years of generation
  • Station was one of the first large scale Combined Cycle Gas Turbines with a high efficiency in the UK

Swindon, 19 July 2022

This month marks 25 years of operations at Didcot B power plant, an efficient, gas-fired power station, which has been in commercial operation since 1997. The station is powered by natural gas and uses Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGTs) to produce electricity.

Didcot B can produce around 1.500 (Megawatts) MW  enough power to meet the needs of two million households. The plant was originally designed and operated as a ‘base load’ plant – meaning it operated 24/7, however in recent years has changed operations to fit in with the market and more renewable technologies on the grid system.

The 58 strong team onsite came together to mark the occasion with a cake. The stations longest serving team member is Jason Tame who has worked across both Didcot A and Didcot B for 27 years and who had the honour of cutting the birthday cake.

Didcot B Power Station is in a unique location in the grid system and plays an essential role in supporting the UK’s energy transition as it can flexibly power up and down, provides excellent availability and is key to ensuring security of supply across the UK. The station operates at an efficiency of around 55% and has generated around 250 Terawatt hours TWhrs of power to the grid whilst operational. 

Commenting on operations at the site, Taco Douma, RWE Generation Director of Gas, said, “Congratulations to all colleagues for this important and beautiful milestone. Let’s make sure that together we add a whole lot of extra successful years to the life of the site and station!”

Ed Jamieson Didcot Operations and Maintenance manager added, “I am incredibly proud of the team at Didcot B, it’s down to them that we remain competitive, efficient and ready to respond to the ever changing market demands. Most of us live locally and would like to extend our thanks to the local community and liaison group who have supported us over the years.”

 Didcot B will continue to have a valuable role to play in security of supply well into the 2030s, the site remains an attractive location for future green generation innovation with excellent transportation links, gas and electrical connections and availably of cooling water.

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