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Tender for capacity reserve: Gersteinwerk awarded contract for gas blocks F, G and K1

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  • RWE plants in Werne will provide reserve capacity of 820 megawatts

Essen, 01.03.2024

In the third tender for the capacity reserve, RWE Generation has been awarded the contract for its natural gas combined cycle units F and G as well as for the K1 gas turbine at the Gersteinwerk site in Werne. This means that these plants will provide a total of 820 megawatts of reserve power in the period from 01.10.2024 to 30.09.2026 – at a surcharge price of 99.99 euros per kilowatt per year.

Blocks F and G have already been successful in the first two tenders of this type. RWE has offered the K1 gas turbine for the first time.

The spare capacity is intended to provide additional capacity at times when there is not enough electricity supply available on the wholesale market to meet demand. In order to reserve capacity, plants must always be ready to start. If a block is not able to feed in in the agreed time and amount in the event of a request, contractual penalties will be incurred.

Dr. Aiko Vogelsang, Head of the Gersteinwerk: "The inclusion of the three plants in the capacity reserve is a significant success for our dedicated team. Our continuous commitment and professionalism have proven themselves in recent years when it comes to meeting the strict requirements of a reserve power plant. The current award ensures that we can continue to make a significant contribution to the stability of the system with our flexible backup capacities."


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