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RWE announces plans for new UK project combining solar, batteries, onshore wind and sustainable farming

Tween Bridge map
  • Project would mark UK first for RWE with development of solar and battery storage in combination with existing onshore windfarm whilst supporting one of the largest lowland sheep farms
  • Tween Bridge Solar Farm to be located in south Yorkshire and north Lincolnshire
  • The project will also deliver a package of support for local community initiatives

Swindon, 13 December 2022

RWE, one of the UK’s largest energy providers and renewables developers intends to expand its solar business into the UK, with early planning for a project to be located on land in south Yorkshire and north Lincolnshire.

The UK project, named Tween Bridge Solar Farm, recently secured a capacity agreement with National Grid - a vital next step in a green energy development which aims to provide thousands of homes and businesses with renewable electricity.

Located on land to the east of Thorne, Tween Bridge Solar Farm has an agreement for a possible generation capacity of up to 600MW which could be operational by 2029. The project would be located next to RWE’s existing Tween Bridge onshore Wind Farm. 

Katja Wünschel, CEO Onshore Wind and Solar Europe & Australia of RWE Renewables commented, ”Solar in combination with battery storage fits well into RWE’s UK development portfolio, where we already generate 15% of the country’s energy needs. Our strategy is geared towards sustainability and the vigorous expansion of large scale solar will be part of these ambitions.”

Once constructed, the land would simultaneously host both solar power generation, battery storage, onshore wind and animal husbandry. It is planned for Tween Bridge Solar to become one of the largest lowland sheep farms in the country and an opportunity has also been identified for a bee farm on the site. 

Tween Bridge Solar is RWE’s latest project entering early planning as it expands its UK renewable portfolio. Its established presence in south Yorkshire and north Lincolnshire includes onshore wind farms at Goole Fields and Tween Bridge, plus offshore wind farms the Humber Gateway and Triton Knoll. In addition, the company is developing the Grimsby Hub, an expanded operations and maintenance base providing specialist services to its offshore fleet, while creating jobs and apprenticeships for local people. The plans are the latest effort in a national drive to meet net zero targets by providing more clean green energy.

RWE will now undertake detailed environmental surveys following the submission of the project’s environmental scoping report to the Planning Inspectorate. Early discussions are also underway with landowners and planning authorities in order to inform the design and layout of the site.

RWE is committed to a meaningful consultation with local communities and other stakeholders and informal consultation is expected during spring 2023.  Once the proposals are finalised, RWE will be submitting a Development Consent Order (DCO) application to the Planning Inspectorate to seek planning permission.

Further information is available to view online at the project team can be contacted by email at   


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