Do you have a portfolio of fluctuating consumption or generation plants? Do you continuously determine your consumption or your feed-ins from generating plants and use this as a basis for trading decisions on the intraday market? Are you looking for an automated solution to trade these positions to a transparent index?

Benefits for you

  • Cost-effective access to the intraday market: You gain access to transparent prices. No need for your own market access, 24/7 shift team or Algo Trader.
  • Our intraday traders are available 24/7 if required.
  • You can fully automate this process.

Our approach

You let us know the quantities of electricity you wish to trade on the intraday market via an agreed interface, e.g. email.

We carry out the order automatically using a transparent index based on published EPEX prices.

No additional contact is required. The process is therefore suitable for integration into a fully automated algorithm.