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RWE Image

Managing demolition processes

Tilbury Power Station Demolition Project

Client RWE Generation UK
Location United Kingdom
Expertise Demolition support, management of decommissioning, dismantling concept, project planning, Clients Construction Design and Management, protection of construction consents and licenses, Management of Industrial Relations


RWE Technology UK (RWET UK) acts as a demolition and project expert in the Tilbury demolition project since 2013. The project will result in the completion of the safe removal of all plant and equipment along with the appropriate disposal of all asbestos containing material. Maintaining the highest possible standards of health, safety and environmental performance and delivering the required final site condition for future development opportunities, are the key objectives to support our client RWE Generation UK (RWEG UK).

RWET UK’s services comprise the management and delivery of all engineering, design, commercial, and demolition activities and the protection of any temporary construction consents and licenses. Our team takes responsibility for the management and coordination of the decommissioning and the demolition processes of the Tilbury power stations.

On March 14, 2019, the fourteenth and final explosive demolition event was completed, with boiler units of blocks 7 and 8 demolished. The overall leadership and delivery of project scope meeting all EH&S, commercial & program objectives represent our core competencies. Since we want to minimize the ‘administrative overhead’ on the project as well as foster a ‘one team’ culture on the ground across all sub-projects, our expert team provides own project management processes along with detailed design data for managing project responsibilities. In order to ensure a safe execution, we implement and manage on site Health & Safety arrangements including a safe work system. In addition, we report, monitor and review the project performance in collaboration with the Principal Contractor (PC) for each sub-project and any necessary internal RWEG UK resources, compliant with industry regulations.

Our Services

  • Coordination of decommissioning and demolition processes
  • Management and delivery of all engineering, design and commercial activities
  • Management of the Clients Construction Design and Management (CDM)
  • Management of Industrial Relations (IR)
  • Protection of construction consents and licenses
  • Leadership and delivery of project scope
  • Report, monitor and review project performance
  • Implementation of a safe system