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Greenhouse Gas Reduction in mining sector

Concept study


MEC Mining Group Pty Ltd.




Concept study, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction, Consulting and engineering services


Within this project RWE Technology International (RWETI) supported MEC Mining Group Pty Ltd (hereinafter “MEC”) to provide a concept study to reduce GHG by at least 30 % on last year (2017 Levels). The concept study are done for one site as a test case and may then be extended to other sites, depending on the outcome.

There are a combination of concept-level mine design and cost estimating required, in which RWE Technology International (RWETI) as a subcontractor are engaged to support.

Backed up by our own operations, RWETI has extensive international experience in the project relevant continuous mining technologies as well as mining operations regarding GHG emissions e.g., mining operations in Germany are done fully electric with hardly any GHG emission. In this respect we are able to offer our client MEC our expert services based on our own business experience and  operations.

Our services for this project include support and advisory with conveyor-based aspects of the mine plan, schedule and confirmation of GHG reduction. Also we provide support in the area of project management as well as tasks related to cost estimation (CAPEX and OPEX). 

Our Services

  • Review of different options (BWE replace prestip, XPS, trolley assist, some combination) 
  • Design options analysis & equipment mix (prelim)  
  • Conceptual design (of all options)
  • Concept Schedule and Haulage 
  • Support cost estimate (OPEX/CAPEX) 
  • Final concept study