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General conditions


Harmonisation of all invoicing addresses as of 1 January 2022

After completion of the transactions between RWE, innogy and EON, almost all external RWE invoicing addresses were harmonised. Until now, RWE used different addresses depending on the RWE company. From 1st January 2022, this will no longer be necessary. Just the Spanish, Italian, US and Canadian addresses will stay unchanged due to different local or legal reasons.

If you are not legally obliged to electronically submit your e-invoice in a country-specific way or you are not using Tradeshift (visit for further information), please issue all your invoices by indicating our complete purchase order number to:

Of course, the central postal channel  (addressed to “RWE Company name”, Zentraler Rechnungseingang, D-45096 Essen) or one of the local paper invoice receipt addresses in your country will work as well.

Please note, that the invoice address in Bamberg is no longer valid from 1st January 2022.

By sending your invoice by email, you agree that it will be accepted and processed electronically. To ensure that your electronically transmitted invoice is not rejected but processed efficiently, the following instructions must be observed:

  • all invoices should be submitted by email in PDF format
  • the email must contain only 1 PDF file including supporting documentation
  • attachments must not be password protected
  • the emailed PDF must not exceed 9 MB in size 
  • the invoice needs to be addressed to the correct legal entity

The Accounting Helpdesk at is still available as a contact for queries and/or reminders.