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Storing energy from renewables – to maintain grid stability

RWE's battery storage system projects

Battery storage systems are an important factor in the energy transition. They can store energy when too much is produced, and make it available when needed – on calm days with no wind, for example. They can adapt to almost any circumstance: They can be set up in almost any location, and are highly flexible in terms of size. Currently, battery storage systems are used in Europe mainly to ensure grid stability.

Battery storage systems make the energy transition possible

The exit from coal and nuclear power, combined with the expansion of renewables, has made electricity generation increasingly volatile. In other words, the swings between overproduction and underproduction are becoming more extreme. This is where battery storage systems act as an important technology in directly offsetting short-term fluctuations. For example, overproduction from solar power stations at midday can be stored for use in the evening once the sun has set. Using battery storage systems it’s possible in such cases to make stored capacity available in a matter of seconds and thus maintain the necessary grid frequency.

RWE Image RWE Image

Huge investment by RWE in R&D for new battery storage systems

The market for energy storage systems will grow exponentially in the next ten years. Some studies predict global capacity for electricity storage systems will grow by almost 170 gigawatt hours each year until 2030. As a driver of the energy transition, RWE is deeply committed to national and international storage projects. These include research and development for new construction projects in particular, in addition to research projects such as RedOx-Flow.

RWE is building one of Germany’s largest and most innovative battery storage systems. Once it is complete, the storage power station, with capacity of 117 MW, will be connected virtually with the RWE run-of-river hydroelectric stations along the Moselle. Europe’s largest battery storage system will soon be in place in Dilsen-Stokkem, in Belgium, where RWE is planning to construct a storage system with a total capacity of at least 200 MW. 

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