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Innovation competition to reduce the ecological impact.

Innovation Competition

Improving the ecosystem impact of offshore windfarms

RWE is one of the world's leading offshore wind companies, working with partners to deliver a globally ambitious growth pipeline in support of our ambition to be carbon neutral by 2040. As a market leader, we are dedicated to exploring and supporting innovative solutions that can accelerate the pace of deploying offshore wind, and are keen to explore specific research issues and pilot projects with companies, start-ups and individuals around the world.

RWE was seeking innovative solutions to reduce the ecological impact of offshore wind farms and support in reducing negative effects on species or improve the ecosystem and enhance biodiversity in the offshore wind farm.

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ARC Marine wins Innovation Ecology Award for a positive impact on biodiversity

Arc Marine is a young company from England that is specialized to increase biodiversity in marine ecosystems.

ARC Marine develops solutions to improve the ecosystem impact of offshore windfarms. The company’s mission is to accelerate reef creation through nature inclusive designs, such as their scour solution Reef Cubes: the world’s first plastic-free and low-carbon solution for the restoration of marine habitat and biodiversity. Reef Cubes produce around 90 percent less CO2 than their concrete counterparts and can be created carbon neutral from the point of manufacture.

Next to that, ARC Marine develops sustainable marine matts for cable protection at cable crossings. These matts are a concrete-like cable protection that enhances biodiversity as they are designed to have a surface structure with small cracks and holes and thus creating habitat for an array of marine life.

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Sven Utermöhlen | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Offshore Wind
“As one of the world's leading renewable energy companies, RWE promotes the pursuit of innovation in offshore wind energy. To support this ambition, we have launched this Innovation Competition to establish, in addition to our own expertise, refreshing new partnerships with resourceful people and companies. From a large number of high quality applications ARC Marine, Verlume and ForWind, the Center for Wind Energy Research at the University of Oldenburg, emerged as the winners. The winners have devised solutions that help to accelerate the energy transition by creating a positive impact on marine ecology and integrating offshore wind energy into the energy system. We strongly believe in working together in order to make a real difference for the future energy supply.”

Sven Utermöhlen, CEO RWE Offshore Wind GmbH

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Innovative solutions in RWE projects

Recyclable blades

RWE tests world's first recyclable wind turbine blade

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Vibrating instead of hammering

New research project investigates innovative installation technique for offshore foundations

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ORJIP Offshore Wind

Carbon Trust launches new stage of Joint Industry Project to reduce environmental impact of offshore wind

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