RWE Innovation Centre – Chemical use of CO2
RWE Innovation Centre – Chemical use of CO2

Chemical use of CO2

Carbon is an important raw material used in the chemical industry. That’s why we have been working since 2010 on innovative solutions for using carbon dioxide as a raw material in the chemical industry.

As part of the Dream Production project, we have worked with partners in industry to investigate whether carbon dioxide can be used as a raw material in the production of polyurethanes – high-quality polymers used in many areas of daily life. The project made use of CO2 obtained from RWE Power’s CO2 scrubbing facility at the Niederaussem Innovation Centre. The gas was liquefied using our liquefaction and filling plant and made available for the project. The carbon dioxide was then permanently chemically bound in a pilot plant from Bayer.

Currently, we are using the CO2 captured in our pilot scrubbing facility to produce oxalic acid, and E-fuels.

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