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IT & Digital

The information revolution.

To the job board
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To keep the energy flowing, we need to keep the systems going. As a qualified IT pro, that’s where you come in. At RWE, you’ll work in dynamic self-organising teams using the latest technologies and techniques to respond to rapidly changing requirements. The work you do will be vital, whether you’re operating and upgrading the data backbone of a major division, creating next-generation digital tools to streamline processes and drive growth, or helping departments build up and harmonise their tech stacks:

You’ll work in a variety of coding languages, which could include (but is not limited to) C#, R, Python Angular and SQL. It’s rewarding work, in a field that’s forward-looking and full of opportunities to develop and diversify. If you’ve got the skills to modernise our future, we’ve got the prospects to optimise yours.
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Nothing runs here without your work.
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The RWE IT skill set

Aside from a relevant degree or other higher qualification, you’ll need in-depth understanding of IT systems and the ability to work well in a team while taking the initiative when required. Plus project/product management skills, a customer-oriented mindset, perseverance and of course that all-important ability to analyse issues and communicate them, clearly and fluently.

Rising to the occasion

Providing a global company with IT support can be quite testing. Devising an instant fix when issues arise is one challenge – though another is explaining that this isn’t always possible. At times, you’ll need to create “one size fits all” solutions and at other times it may be more bespoke. And when remote wind farms develop IT problems, resolving these can also be pretty tricky – but vital! Are you up for the task?

Solving problems, making connections

Problem-solving is among humankind’s greatest pleasures, and it’s one you’ll experience on a daily basis at RWE.

You’ll also get to connect with different teams and learn how they operate. You’ll be part of a close-knit team with a collaborative feedback-oriented culture, though you’ll also find plenty of opportunities for growth, independence and initiative.

Plus of course the satisfaction that comes with helping shape the future – not just for us, but for the whole world.

Get to know our professionals

3 Questions | Franziska

As one of our "Digital Ambassadors", she is driving digitalisation at RWE in various projects: Our IT Innovation Manager Franziska has been on board since 2019. In this video, Franziska tells us about current digital trends and explains what a "scrum master" does exactly.
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IT Innovation Manager

3 questions | Marta

Our "Digital Ambassadors" promote the #digitalisation at RWE. One of them is Marta (Professional Scrum Master II, CGMA, MBA), our Head of IT Business Integration. We asked Martha about the projects she's currently working on and how she stays up to date with global digital trends.
Head of IT Business Integration

3 questions | Antony

Our colleague Antony is a product manager for the RWE team:connect platform. Part of his job is to help shape the #digitalisation of our company. In this video, he talks about the opportunities presented by innovations, what applications already exist, how new ones are created and what role data protection in particular plays when it comes to digitalisation.
Product manager RWE team:connect platform

Rachel, Application Developer
Rachel, Application Developer

There are lots of opportunities for doing secondments and spending time in different teams to develop your personal skills.

Rachel, Application Developer

Max, Application Developer
Max, Application Developer

The great thing about my job: There is not one ‘typical’ day.

Max, Application Developer

Matt, Application Developer
Matt, Application Developer

I find my colleagues fascinating, helpful, and entertaining, we just have a great time working here.

Matt, Application Developer

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