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In 6 episodes we show you what working at RWE Offshore is all about.

Diversity of thought makes us powerful

Having diverse teams is at the heart of what we believe in,
that’s why we encourage women to join the industry.

Become a “Marine expert”

Discover the extraordinary variety of our Operation & Maintenance team,
working on the whole process of installing an Offshore wind farm.

Bring your ideas to the ocean!

Stephanie works in our Quality department and enjoys being in touch
with every single component of a windfarm.

Find your passion!

Denim is enthusiastic about Renewable Energy
and started his engineering career as an RWE graduate.

Our Journey Offshore

Our ambitious RWE Offshore employees are all connected by one thing:
their energy, and how they’re using it to make a difference.

To share their journeys, celebrate their achievements and get them to experience the impact they’re making firsthand, we invited colleagues from different parts of the world to our Danish Offshore site Rødsand.

Join them on this unique trip to see what working for RWE Offshore is all about.

This is what it’s all about!

Within 6 episodes, we take you on a trip like you’ve never seen before. It is not only the impressive pictures of our wind farm, the massive turbines or the open sea that make this trip so special, but also the touching stories of our colleagues, talking about personal and professional ambitions, opportunities within the company, our unique RWE Offshore culture and their excitement about the future.

Working in the Offshore business is not just a job, it’s a calling.

But see for yourself: Film off!

Get to know our
Offshore ambassadors

Six episodes, five passionate ambassadors and one exciting journey: Stephanie, Christina, Benjamin, Denim and Eva share their personal stories of what they enjoy about their jobs and working in the Offshore wind industry. To find out more about our ambassadors and their innovative work, click on the plus sign in each image.

Our Offshore ambassadors

  • Stephanie
  • Christina
  • Benjamin
  • Denim
  • Eva
Our Journey Offshore | Ambassadors | RWE


Team Lead Quality Management

«Who else can say they’ve seen every single component of a windfarm»

From the development phase through manufacturing, construction and installation: Stephanie and her team are responsible for the quality control and quality assurance of all our RWE Offshore projects before they are finally handed over to Operations. Want to know more about the woman who knows all the components of an Offshore wind farm? Watch her video below.

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Business Development Manager

«You can really make an impact and you can really make a change here»

Christina works in Business Development where she works with the very early stages of creating Offshore wind and system integration. She is often the only woman in the room full of engineers. To inspire future generations and especially women, to join the industry, she speaks at democracy festivals and shares her belief that diverse teams are the best. Fun fact: Christina made her own turbine earrings.

Watch the video below to see what she has to say about her job.

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Team Lead Installation Logistics

«We’re making the difference at the moment»

Benjamin works in our Operations & Maintenance department. Being involved in the process of installing a wind farm from start to decommissioning means working on the entire lifecycle of a wind turbine, which he particularly enjoys. Want to know more? Watch the video below.

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Engineering Management

«That’s the support I got from RWE: to go, try, explore, see, find your passion»

Denim comes from a small town in India and grew up with regular power cuts. More than 700 million people around the world still live without electricity, which inspired him to get into Renewable Energy. He started as a RWE graduate and now works as a project engineer for RWE Offshore Engineering Management team. What he likes most about his job is exploring and trying new things. Watch his full profile video below.

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Quality Manager

«When you work for the Quality team, you really get to see the physical results of what you have done»

For Eva, there's nothing better than working for the Quality team at RWE Offshore and making a difference for her generation and for future generations. Being on site, working on the components and really seeing a wind farm in operation makes Eva very excited about what she's doing. Be inspired by her personality and watch her video below.

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Our Journey Offshore
All episodes

Episode 1

The strongest force on the planet? Purpose. Our first episode gives you a great insight into what drives our employees.

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Episode 2

The bigger the challenge, the better the reward. This is all about goals, innovations and teamwork.

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Episode 3

Difference is your superpower. Our culture at RWE Offshore is all about diversity of thoughts and empowerment.

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Episode 4

The world is our offshore wind farm. And with our global career opportunities you can go places.

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Episode 5

Where culture is a breath of fresh air. Learn in this episode about our culture, environment, and how RWE Offshore supports you inside of work and out.

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Episode 6

On top of the turbine. On top of the world. Our final episode highlights our pride in working for RWE and our shared excitement for the future.

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