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Power Looks Good On You

How our women unleash their power and what they have already experienced on
their career paths. Discover exciting stories and very personal power statements.

Power Looks Good On Cornelia

Conny talks Operations, motherhood and thinking like a leader.

Power Looks Good On Deborah

Debby discusses the journey to owning her power.

Power Looks Good On Michelle

Michelle explains how she defies the expectations of others and why being
an offshore technician is not a man's job.

Power Looks Good On Monica

Discover what Monica’s own path at RWE looked like and what tips she has
for aspiring women in the energy sector.

Power Looks Good On Samantha

Samantha talks embracing her full self at RWE.

Power Looks Good On Zsuzsanna

Zsuzsanna discusses the legal profession, self-belief and finding a role where
she can create change.

Power Looks Good On You

Women in the energy industry are owning what they do. Because they’re doing it their way. 

They’re leaning into what makes them great and dialing it up. We want to showcase their individuality, intent and impact. Combining what they’re doing in the energy industry, with how they’re leading their teams, running their lives and holding themselves. 

That is why we’re telling these women: Power Looks Good On You.

Our powerful Role Models

We asked six different female colleagues from our business about their careers and their own personal superpower. The results are incredibly inspiring and exciting stories: about their role as women, their personal and professional challenges, their ambitions and their very own superpower. You can access the interview by clicking on the plus sign on the respective cover.

Let yourself be inspired by:

  • Monica
  • Debby
  • Zsuzsanna
  • Cornelia
  • Samantha
  • Michelle
Power looks good on you | RWE


Head of Project Delivery APAC

«Make your presence felt. That’s very important»

Pick-up trucks, cultural insights and finding the confidence to speak up. Monica tells us how she continues to forge her own path at RWE. She’s also eager to share advice that helps aspiring women in the energy sector – of which one is definitely “make your presence felt”.

Read Monica’s Interview
Power looks good on Monica | RWE


Talent Acquisition Coordinator

«Feel the fear and do it anyways»

Taking bold steps and feeling the fear of new situations is something Debby talks about very openly. There is so much to learn and be inspired by from her experiences and personal and professional power moves.

Read Debby‘s Interview
Power looks good on Debby | RWE


Director Legal

«If you stop becoming creative and you stop growing, you are shrinking actually»

Zsuzsanna has never asked herself where she sees herself in five years' time. Instead, her path to her current position has been characterised by a drive for influence and a desire to continuously grow and shape. She emphasises the importance of self-confidence, creativity and the courage to explore alternative paths, especially for women in the world of work.

Read Zsuzsanna’s Interview
Power looks good on Zsuzsanna | RWE


General Manager Rødsand

«We all struggle, but that shouldn’t hold you back»

Throughout her journey at RWE, Conny learned the importance of assertiveness and mentorship, while navigating the complexities of balancing motherhood with a demanding career. She believes that self-doubt can drive continuous improvement and advocates for a more inclusive and open culture in the male-dominated energy industry, recognizing the unique contributions women bring to the table.

Read Cornelia’s Interview
Power looks good on Conny | RWE


O&M Implementation Manager

«Whether it’s me in high heels or hi-vis, it’s still me»

Samantha is proof that what you bring to a role can’t be written in a job spec. Instead, it’s found in unexpected, seemingly ill-fitting experiences. Embracing her diverse background, she mentors others and champions authenticity in the workplace, proving that unique experiences bring invaluable perspectives and strengths to any team.

Read Samantha’s Interview
Power looks good on Samantha | RWE


Offshore Technician

«How will others know what you are capable of?»

Michelle’s journey from overcoming bullying in school to defying the odds in the male-dominated field of mechanics is truly inspiring. Despite initial rejections due to her gender, she persisted and found opportunities to excel. Now, she embraces challenges with confidence, proving that gender is irrelevant in achieving success and paving the way for more women to join the industry.

Read Michelle’s Interview
Power looks good on Michelle | RWE

Behind The Scenes of
Power Looks Good On You

The visibility of female role models at RWE is incredibly important to us, which is why we invited various women from around the world to start with an interview and photo shoot day like never before.

Let yourself be carried away by the incredible energy on this day and see for yourself the impact our women have at RWE.

Now all that's missing is YOU!

Further impressions from the set

Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE
Behind the scenes of Power looks good on you | RWE

Diversity @ RWE Offshore

Giordana Doppstadt
Giordana Doppstadt

“Gender diversity is a first step towards a more diverse culture and therefore long-term success. As a woman, I would like to encourage more women to join the energy industry, by breaking down stereotypes and barriers. Our Female Role Model campaign is the first step towards this by making our female colleagues more visible and sharing their very own stories.”

Giordana Doppstadt
HR Director RWE Offshore

The transformation of the energy sector is neither male nor female, but affects us all. That is why we support gender equality at all levels - and are working hard on gender balance in our company.

RWE Image

Gender Ratio @ RWE Offshore

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73.6 %
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