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At RWE, we understand the importance of gaining real-life meaningful work experience alongside your education. That’s why we are committed to providing a range of opportunities whilst you are studying so that you can kick-start your career and gain the skills and knowledge that you need on your way to becoming a professional.

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Women in Trading Summer Placement

A unique opportunity to female students in their penultimate year of studies!

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Energy Trading Operations Placement Programme

Looking to gain experience at a leading energy trading house with real growth potential?

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IT Placement Programme

Whether you’re a business intelligence expert or generalist developer – we have the role for you!

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HR Placement Programme

From talent attraction to development – explore the world of Human Resources!

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London Risk Placement Programme

Want to learn and grow alongside experienced risk professionals in the energy industry?

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Engineering Industrial placements

Fancy a year in the most exciting industry.

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RWE Generation Scholarships

Are you an engineer of the future?

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RWE - A rewarding experience

We know that it pays to invest in our future.

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Diversity in action

Our world is changing – and we’re changing with it.

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RWE: A history

Travel back in time with us.

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