Opportunity comes in countless forms.

Explore the diversity at RWE.

With a multi-faceted business and technology portfolio which spans the globe, RWE offers a chance to experience diversity in every respect and at all levels. Our multinational family of employees are thoroughly global in their approach, enjoying a multitude of work projects and opportunities for personal and professional growth. And because we provide all the tools they need to thrive, that’s exactly what they do: they thrive!

Take a closer look! You can find more information on Diversity@RWE on the pages of our Diversity team. You can also find a really great video from our LGBT*IQ community there which you should definitely watch. Are you interested in our diversity key figures, such as the gender ratio of women and men, proportion of people with severe disabilities or age structure? Then you will also find what you are looking for here.

Networking with the world & learning from each other

Internationality & religion

RWE is a truly international company – in its approach, in its methods, in its vision. We’re committed to developing that global vision and putting it into practice.

With over 80 locations around the world, our workforce is drawn from every conceivable culture, ethnicity and religion.

It’s an international outlook that runs in our very DNA.

Equality for all

Gender & sexual orientation

Whatever your gender or orientation, at RWE you’re a valued member of the team. All employees have the right to express their identity in the workplace.

Discrimination is something we won’t stand for: everyone’s entitled to equal treatment and equal opportunities.

We know that mixed teams also deliver better results – plus broader and healthier perspectives. 

How does the LGBT*IQ community make itself visible at RWE?

Length: 3:06 minutes
Language: English

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Podcast with Michaela, Software Developer at RWE

The right to work


Every human being, with or without disability, has a basic right to feel included.

At RWE, we know disability is not a barrier to achievement or performance at work and should never be seen as one. That’s why we’re working to make sure everyone gets exactly the same opportunities and finds a positive and supportive working environment.

A real welcoming culture.

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Timo reports on his internship in Finance & Credit Risk, Accounting and Controlling, which may have been a little bit different than you might think – Timo is deaf. Every morning a sign interpreter came into the office for an hour and explained and discussed different topics from the past day and tasks for the day. During the rest of the time, a lot was written down or communicated via a smartphone app and it worked out perfectly.
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Get to know Timo

Family matters / family & work-life balance

At RWE, we know how vital it is to maintain a fulfilling family life outside work. Which is why we offer a full spectrum of services to help support and care for your family. After all, we’re a family too.

Diversity dashboard

Diversity dashboard of Team Diversity | RWE
Diversity dashboard of Team Diversity | RWE

In addition to an open and tolerant culture, transparency is one of our core values. Our colleagues of Team Diversity provide all important key figures of our Group within the diversity dashboard at a glance.

This, for example, includes the distribution of the origin of our employees in #TeamRWE, the gender distribution in general and in management positions, the proportion of people with severe disabilities and our age structure over the last few years.

Discover our diversity key figures

Diversity podcasts

Why do we need Pride Month?

Podcast with Andrew, Portfolio Electrical Engineer at RWE

Length: 4:10 minutes
Language: English

How does the LGBT*IQ community make itself visible at RWE?

Podcast with Michaela, Software Developer at RWE

Length: 3:06 minutes
Language: English

How did your colleagues react when you came out?

Podcast with Michelle, RWE Supply & Trading

Length: 2:25 minutes
Language: English

How to become an LGBT*IQ ally and supporter?

Podcast with Richard, Freight Trading at RWE

Length: 3:16 minutes
Language: English

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Your HR contacts at RWE

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