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Wind patterns and pressure fields: The importance of meteorology in energy trading
3 questions to Nils, Head of Weather Analysis, RWEST | Interview

Two generations of expats in one family
Pioneering work in HR: Nicolaus lays the foundation for HR in Asia. | Job story

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What counts are the people at RWE

That is written on all of our pages. It's about the people we are working with every day and spending a lot of (life) time with. You might even work with some of them if you decide to pursue a career at RWE. But how do these these people tick? What makes working at RWE special to them? What topics are they dealing with? Here you can get to know some of these colleagues better.

Find out what they have to tell in videos, testimonials, interviews and podcasts.


Got some time to listen to some interesting stories? It’s worth it!

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