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Meet Farzin, our new colleague on the Thor project in Denmark, speaking about his first months with RWE.

“A bit of a rollercoaster, but one that I have really enjoyed“

Farzin from the Thor project in Denmark, RWE Renewables

Tell us a little about your background

I grew up in England to Iranian parents, and studied Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Southampton before getting my first job as a structural engineer at the engineering consultancy Ramboll in London. After two years, I moved with Ramboll to Copenhagen to work on offshore projects, both Wind and Oil & Gas during which time I also spent a brief time in Oslo. After 9 years at Ramboll, I joined Orsted as an Engineering Manager in Offshore Wind Foundations. That gave me a lot of experience which I carry into my new role here in RWE, as Engineering Manager on the Thor Offshore Wind Farm in Copenhagen which I started in September.

How did you first get in touch with RWE?

Around Christmas 2021, it was announced that RWE had won the Thor tender in Denmark which first got my interest. A couple months later, I saw that jobs were being advertised on the Thor project, so I used that opportunity to get in touch with the hiring managers.

What attracted you to RWE?

I kept hearing about RWE winning projects in Europe and the US and that gave the impression of an ambitious offshore wind developer with a healthy pipeline of projects. On top of that, I have previously worked closely with some colleagues who are now working in RWE and they have spoken positively about their experience working here.

How would you describe your first weeks/month at RWE?

A bit of a rollercoaster to be honest, but one that I have really enjoyed. Starting up in our Copenhagen office, which had only opened a few months previously, has had a start-up vibe. But the result of that has been that I have formed close bonds with my new colleagues in a very short space of time. It felt like moving into a new home with my new work family 😊. On top of that, I have travelled across the bridge to our office in Malmö, visited my Engineering Management team and the Thor project team in Hamburg, and been on an offshore trip to the Rødsand 2 wind farm where we also celebrated a summer party later that evening. I have managed to reach across and network with so many people in the organization so quickly, and everyone has been so warm and welcoming, which has really helped me develop and grow into the company.

What support and treatment have you received at RWE as a new employee?

There has been a thorough onboarding process, starting from before my first day and continuing for the first month. I was also sheltered slightly from my project in the first couple of weeks to enable me to learn more about the company, the systems we used, the way we work and quietly absorb some of the project background before getting more hands-on with my role and responsibilities.

What does an Engineering Manager do? Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to develop/get started on? 

As an Engineering Manager on the Thor project, which will already start some construction activities in 2023, my role is to coordinate and manage the technical and design activities across project disciplines. At the stage we are currently at, that means flagging the major technical risks and opportunities and seeking support across the organization in managing them to reduce any impacts on the project cost, quality and timeline. I’m really looking forward to seeing the project mature as the designs on paper are realized when various components are fabricated and installed. And as a bonus, the wind farm is located in my home country so I can hopefully get the opportunity to visit and see it develop throughout construction.

What is your first impression of the culture at RWE, how do you describe it during onboarding/in your daily work?

I had anticipated a very process and regulation focused culture, but while that exists I don’t see it as being so rigid. You get the impression we are a rapidly growing company, which provides opportunities for continual improvement to optimize how we work. And those around me seem to be very receptive to learning and adapting to a continually changing but improvement-driven environment.

What is your best tip for job seekers who are curious about RWE?

Keep an eye open for opportunities at RWE on LinkedIn and on the careers page at , but also give it some patience. If you don’t hear back straight away, do not take it as a negative sign. The recruitment process is thorough and I get the impression that the company is taking it’s time to find the right candidate for each advertised position.

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