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Meet Christoffer, Project manager Hydrogen at Onshore Origination & Development, RWE Renewables in the Nordics

“It has been very fun and exciting”

Christoffer, Project manager Hydrogen at Onshore Origination & Development, RWE Renewables in the Nordics

Tell us a little about your background

I'm basically an engineer and have a background in Engineering, mainly in various types of catalytic gas processes. I have also worked as a project manager for various types of construction projects for about 10 years both in energy and petrochemicals. Most recently, I came from a role as plant manager at E.ON where I was responsible for two plants for the production of district heating.

How did you first get in touch with RWE?

It was during my time at E.ON when, among other things, the wind power operations in Sweden were transferred to RWE.

What attracted you to RWE?

It was primarily the opportunity to work with green hydrogen and Power-to-X.

How would you describe your first weeks/month at RWE?

It has been very fun and exciting, already in my first week we visited our colleagues in Poland for a networking meeting in Poznan. It was a brilliant opportunity to get to know my closest colleagues but also to network with our colleagues in the operations in Poland.

What support and treatment have you received at RWE as a new employee?

There was a clear introduction program that contained the information I needed as a new employee. My role is new in the Origination and Project development team, so there are still some frameworks we need to develop together. I didn't feel like I was missing anything in my onboarding. Very nice and welcoming colleagues in the team.

What do you do as a Project Manager Hydrogen?

The idea with my role is that I will drive RWE's goal to establish the production of green hydrogen in the Nordic region in collaboration with my colleagues at Origination & Project development. In the first stage, this means identifying suitable areas where there are good conditions for producing hydrogen and evaluating what is required to establish production.

What is your first impression of the culture at RWE, how do you describe it during onboarding/in your daily work?

In my immediate surroundings, it feels like the colleagues are very driven and enjoy their roles. I also feel that there is relatively much freedom and space for taking initiatives with a focus on results, which I appreciate.

What is your best tip for job seekers who are curious about RWE?

If you have the slightest interest in energy issues, I can really recommend working in the energy industry right now. There are really a lot of exciting things happening in the industry and there are lots of challenges that need solutions. So far, I feel that RWE has a genuine desire to participate in the green transition, and if you as an individual want to contribute to the transition, perhaps working for a company that produces and invests in green energy is a good way to go.

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