Our energy for your start.

We want you to arrive readily.

If you decide to work with us, we are very pleased. Of course this is just the beginning.

Soon the real work begins.

We start your onboarding even before your first day. In addition to some organizational topics, your buddy would also like to get to know you as early as possible and certainly, we are already thinking about your induction. You can be sure: We’ll do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you to onboard #TeamRWE.

How much are we looking forward to welcoming you? This video says it all!

Before the start

When you sign your employment contract, the onboarding already begins for you. Even before you start, you can access our team:news and find out about a wide range of current topics that affect us at RWE. Your future manager and team members will be happy to tell you more over a (virtual) tea or coffee and answer any questions you may have.

Of course, your colleagues from the HR department are available to talk and answer your questions and will provide you with all the information you need to get off to a good start.

Before the start at RWE
Buddy programme at RWE

Buddy Programme

Especially when starting a new job, it is important to have colleagues who support you and whom you can rely on. That's why every newcomer is assigned a so-called buddy. Your buddy actively supports you during your induction. You can talk - in person or virtually - about everything that is important to you or what the buddy thinks you should know. We are sure - there is plenty to talk about. 

What does this look like in practice? Some of our buddy pairs talk about it in the stories at the bottom of this page and in our #TeamRWE - Podcasts, Videos & Stories.


The most important thing is that you quickly become acquaint with your tasks and responsibilities so that you can start taking over topics immediately. For this purpose, your manager will plan a structured onboarding process for you, which we will further develop together with you after your start. Getting to know the team as well introducing other colleagues will certainly also be part of that process so that you feel comfortable and welcome right from the start. Regardless of whether your induction (still) takes place virtually or we meet you in person in the office or at one of our facilities, such as here on Amrumbank, our offshore wind farm in the North Sea. What else can you expect during your induction? We will be happy to tell you about it personally. 

Induction at RWE
There are special introduction weeks for apprentices and graduates. Feel free to look around on the corresponding pages.

Nhan, IT Solution Engineer at RWE Renewables
Nhan, IT Solution Engineer at RWE Renewables

"I was amazed by a great team atmosphere and a strong sense of team work. I am also grateful to be in a safe working environment, have the ability to speak my mind, express the ideas and try something new. Click here to read my interview on how it was starting with RWE."

Nhan, IT Solution Engineer

David, IT Application Service Engineer
David, IT Application Service Engineer

“I couldn’t be happier with the onboarding process at RWE. From the outset I had the full support of HR and my team, which gave me a lot of confidence going forwards. My manager and colleagues established a strong pattern of communication that is still in place now and has shaped my onboarding process so far! I’m also looking forwards to the further insights I’ll gain into the company through the internal courses I have booked on how my team fits into the wider business, thanks guys!”

David, IT Application Service Engineer

Jana, Junior Talent & Development Specialist
Jana, Junior Talent and Development Specialist

"The team was incredibly committed to giving me a good start despite the pandemic. Everyone took the time to welcome me. My manager also invested a lot of time in my onboarding and did everything she could to make me feel at home quickly and become part of the team."

Jana, Junior Talent & Development Specialist

Jörg, Hydrogen Technical
Jörg, Hydrogen Technical

"The recruitment process was very uncomplicated and quick, which was mainly due to the great commitment and support of the colleagues. This also applies to the induction and acceptance into the team, which made the entire onboarding process very pleasant."

Jörg, Hydrogen Technical

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