125 years RWE

Looking back on an eventful company history

RWE, Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk, was founded on 25 April 1898 as a public company in Essen, Germany. At the end of the 19th century, the use of electricity in agriculture, industry and private households was practically non-existent. However, as RWE’s growth took off, electricity became a big seller that brought prosperity and progress to many generations of people.

Today, RWE looks back on the last 125 years with immense pride. Already a pioneer of a growing industrial society back in the day, the Group is now driving the international green energy transition. RWE is investing over 50 billion euros in renewables and innovative technologies, in particular in the Americas and Europe and aims at becoming climate-neutral by 2040.

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The motto of RWE’s anniversary year: Energising the future

Together with several hundred thousand employees and with its partner companies around the globe, RWE has been shaping the energy world of the future since 1898.

While the company used to operate the most sophisticated fleet of nuclear and coal-fired power plants in the world, it now runs gigantic solar and wind farms.

In this way RWE – now a worldwide leading energy producer – remains true to its consistent goal of making innovations fit for the future.

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125 years RWE

RWE Foundation

The recently set up foundation funds non-profit social projects which enable equal opportunities and intercultural understanding

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