Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE
Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE

One of the largest wind farms in the Baltic Sea off Rügen has the capacity to supply up to 400,000 households with renewable energy

Arkona offshore wind farm

The Arkona wind farm is located 35 kilometers northeast of the island of Rügen. The wind farm has a capacity of 385 megawatts and can supply approximately 400,000 households with renewable energy. The investment volume amounts to €1.2 billion. Compared to conventionally generated electricity, Arkona saves up to 1.2 million tons of CO2 annually. 60 turbines of the six-megawatt class from Siemens were installed. Arkona is a joint venture.

The partner companies were able to connect the Arkona offshore wind farm to the grid on time and at lower costs than originally calculated. It took only one year from the first ramming to the first electricity feed-in. Rarely before has an offshore project been completed so quickly. The reasons for the success of the fast completion are the detailed planning and the professionally implemented construction process. This is accompanied by the close cooperation with 50Hertz and the precisely coordinated partial feed-in option into the German extra-high voltage grid, which was made possible by the transmission grid operator before the connection was completed.

Status: In Operation

Facts & figures

00 kilometers

northeast of the island of Rügen


Wind turbines

00 m

height of wind turbines

Electricity for 00

households annually

00 MW

Installed capacity



Cooperation & new standards

After initially only the first of 60 turbines went online, further wind turbines were put into operation step by step. The transformer station and all 60 foundation foundations including connecting pieces were installed ahead of schedule. The internal parking cabling for connecting the turbines to the substation was also installed  before planned. Then towers, turbines and rotors were installed on the high seas. In August, together with the first power supply, the Arkona electric offshore substation was also put under voltage. RWE, Equinor and the transmission grid operator 50Hertz share the platform. The optimal timing and technical coordination of the companies is helping to optimise offshore grid connection costs and speed up the energy turnaround.

Setting the pace was already achieved during construction: all 60 steel foundations of the wind farm were sprayed with a special anti-corrosion coating. During the 25-year operating period of the wind farm, several hundred tons less aluminum and other environmentally harmful substances are released.

Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE
Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE

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Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE
Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE
Photo: Energy Infrastructure Partners
Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE
Copyright: Paul Langrock
Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE
Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE
Arkona offshore wind farm | RWE

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