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RWE landed in Chile in 2019 with the strategy of developing from early stages solar and wind onshore projects along the country, expecting to commence operations from 2026 onwards.  In addition, we are currently developing our first green hydrogen project in Chile called Vientos Magallánicos.

Our company is committed to develop, build and operate projects in a sustainable way, with the participation of local and indigenous communities and contribute to their quality of life and to their environment.

In concordance with the Group’s goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2040, RWE Chile expects to contribute to the Climate Change fight.


RWE has a portfolio of over 2.5GW to develop solar and wind projects along Chile. In addition, the company is developing its first green hydrogen project in Magallanes Region, Laguna Blanca county, called Vientos Magallánicos.

The projects which are most advanced in its development stage are:

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Rules make hydrogen green | RWE

Sustainability and communities

RWE is helping to shape the sustainable future of the world’s power supply. As part of society and a key player in the worldwide energy market, we are aware of the responsibility that goes with our role. We exercise that responsibility every day by applying clear principles to our corporate and social actions. Every single person at RWE – from Executive Board members and managers to colleagues and line staff – contributes by acting responsibly towards others and the environment. For RWE, taking responsibility means taking socially relevant issues into consideration in our corporate decision-making processes, keeping an eye on the consequences of our actions beyond our own area of responsibility and considering corporate activities from an ecological, social and ethical standpoint as well as from a business perspective.

Would you like to learn more about our community engagement?

Here you can find our Community Engagement Policy

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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is part of the contribution RWE makes to sustainable development and responsible business management. Everything from environmental protection and climate-change mitigation, social concerns and human rights through to responsible corporate governance is taken into account – as RWE does justice to its responsibility in every sense.

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Location of our office in Chile

Avenida Apoquindo 4615
(access from Evaristo Lillo 48)
Office 901, Las Condes
Santiago, Chile

Phone: +562 25940412