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RWE Renewables Korea LLC

RWE Renewables Korea LLC was newly established to explore and expand renewables energy business in Korea. Since Korea is a peninsula with sea on three sides, we believe that it has a great advantage in the possibility of generating offshore wind energy which is a future energy source. With the outstanding knowledges and skills, we would like to build the partnership in variety of channel of Korea and discuss how we could contribute to this valuable business for efficient and sustainable power generation of green energies.

Currently, projects related to offshore wind power are being actively promoted on the east, west, and south coasts in Korea. The government and local agencies are also striving to support and cooperate for our business as well. The Korea Market thus is a strong focus of ours and our strategy for renewables is to cooperate with Korean local partners complementing with RWE’s world number 2 experience and technical knowledge in offshore wind capacity and is geared to growth of offshore wind in Korea.