Gender & equality of opportunity

Our engagement for more gender equality.

The energy sector transition is neither female nor male and concerns all of us.

Katja van Doren, CHO of RWE AG

This is why we promote equality between men and women at all levels. We especially empower women to strive for positions in leadership and STEM.

RWE supports its employees with a wide range of services to promote a healthy work-life-balance, because combining family and work can get relevant for both men and women: Various care options for children are only one example of this concept to support our employees in their work-life-balance.

Sophia Lambertz

Sophia Lambertz
Sophia Lambertz

Mechatronics engineer at RWE Power

“I am often the only woman among my male colleagues, so naturally I stand out sometimes. However, that doesn’t change the working atmosphere for me. Our team is respectful and open. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, we’re all equal and nobody is excluded!”

Our advisory portal

We at RWE are family-friendly. Here you‘ll find information about our care offers for children of employees.

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Our job market

For the best work-life-balance possible, we strengthen agile working and both our new Campus in Essen and our refurbished Campus in Swindon are now modern and contemporary.

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Ulrike Pugh

Diversity Officer

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