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Access to European over-the-counter (OTC) power and gas markets

Direct Market Access

Benefits for you

  • The DMA platform allows the DMA client to significantly reduce the complexity of its operations by utilising RWEST contract infrastructure, credit lines, collateralisation procedures and physical operations capabilities.
  • RWEST‘s DMA platform has a comprehensive geographic coverage of products and, based on feedback from brokers, also the longest counterparty list at 310+. Our per MWh DMA fees are extremely competitive.
  • The DMA client can trade the curve from the prompt out to the furthest tenor available in the market, subject to the client's credit status. The DMA client can aggress other market participants’ buy/sell orders or initiate its own buy/sell orders for other market counterparties to aggress.
  • Trading on the DMA platform opens at 7am CET and finishes at 6pm CET on all weekdays except some bank holidays. This is done via the widely-used web-based trading platform called Joule Direct provided by Trayport Ltd. RWEST gives access to all the main brokers who publish prices from traders on Joule Direct.
  • RWEST can customise daily trading and position reports requested by the DMA client and electronically match confirmations via either Equias or ICE eConfirm. It also offers a delegated regulatory reporting service.

Our approach

  • After execution of a Joule Direct agreement with Trayport and a DMA agreement with RWEST, the DMA client is given login credentials to Joule Direct by Trayport and can operate upon it as “RWE Supply & Trading GmbH X”. 
  • In other words, while the X distinguishes the DMA client from RWEST’s own trading business, market participants transact with the DMA client as if it were RWEST.