We strive for a lively mix of employees of every age.

The RWE Group embraces and strives for a lively mix of young and older employees. A transfer of knowledge between young and experienced employees is not just crucial in terms of introducing the next generation of employees into the companies, it also ensures that different views are taken into account. This is why we appreciate employees of all generations and try to establish diverse teams also in regard of age: to ensure our long-term success.

Marie-Cecil Aufmkolk

Marie-Cecil Aufmkolk
Marie-Cecil Aufmkolk

Head of material flows, RWE Nuclear GmbH

“Actively approaching people and having the courage to tackle and implement new topics – these traits have helped pave the way for me to become one of the youngest managers at RWE. Generational diversity brings together younger employees with a fresh perspective with experienced staff who can draw on their experience. By appreciating and tapping into each other’s strengths, we will come up with better solutions.”

Life-long learning ensures our long-term success

The diverse expertise and wealth of experience of our employees ensure our long-term and sustainable growth and our success. It is therefore particularly important to us that a working environment is created in which everyone can grow as a person and gets the support they need at their respective stage of life. That is why we support life-long learning for every employee of any group of age.

Guido Hommelsheim

Guido Hommelsheim
Guido Hommelsheim

Head of Dispatch & Portfolio Optimisation, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

“In a team of people with different ages, professional experience, interdisciplinary training and outstanding qualifications, we complement each other particularly well. It is important to focus not only on the areas of development but also on the strengths of the employees."

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Ulrike Pugh

Diversity Officer

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