Country of origin

RWE employs people from over 80 different nationalities.

With the integration of the Renewables the RWE group will become more international than ever before. Integration has been an important part of our corporate culture for many decades and we know, that there’s big potential in international teams who offer a variety of different cultural knowledge and experience.

For us, this means to actively reflect on own privileges and open up the discussion about multiculturalism.

Ivana Rosenboom

Ivana Rosenboom
Ivana Rosenboom

Team Leader New Way of Working, RWE Renewables

“In international teams, the common ground is individuality – everyone’s different origins are what unites us. Openness, transparency, trust and role models in the company form the basis for recognizing internationality as a source of enrichment.”

Intercultural exchange is a key factor for new ideas

Interaction between different cultures is a rewarding experience, enabling us to learn more about cultures and traditions from around the globe. In addition, employees from different countries frequently bring new ways of working with them, reflecting the status quo critically and generating new ideas.

Maurice Paulussen

Maurice Paulussen
Maurice Paulussen

Head of Customer Relationshop Management (Benelux & New Markets), RWE Supply & Trading

“Our activities cover all relevant energy markets worldwide and where it makes sense we enter the market by establishing local offices. In this way we can attract the local talent needed to bridge the objectives and needs of the business with the specifics of each regional market.”

We offer various qualification options for refugees in Germany

RWE promotes professional qualification for refugees. Since 2015 we have created different options to support and empower refugees. The options of career entries stretch over internships, practicums, apprenticeships and integrated degree programs.

The RWE Group companies

RWE’s operating business is spread over four companies – all acting with a high degree of autonomy in their respective business areas and totally committed to the success of the new RWE.

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Ulrike Pugh

Diversity Officer

RWE Platz 1
45141 Essen