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3 questions for

Our experts answer questions

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What is it that makes the difference in Engineering Consulting?

Who we are – a short story


RWE Technology International

With our expertise spanning the entire lifecycle of energy plants, we help you with the energy transition.

Brochure "Powering the business of our customers"
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Carbon Footprint Reduction

Discover how RWETI supports clients reduce CO2 emissions

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RWE Technology International – Our planning and designed services will support you on your path towards decarbonisation.

We support companies and organisations worldwide in their activities related to the energy transition. Across the entire value chain of a project, we deliver tailor-made and client-specific solutions for renewable energies, efficient mining, conventional generation and grid stabilisation.

We help our clients become more efficient, safe and sustainable in designing, building, operating and dismantling energy plants, and in recultivating open-cast mines and post-mining landscapes. This includes a wide range of consulting services, in particular on blue and green hydrogen (H2), wind power and solar energy as well as biomass power plants and battery storage.

We offer decades of experience with extensive expertise in engineering services and technical consulting, based on the operating experience of the RWE Group.

We manage energy projects with tailor-made, customer-specific and innovative solutions along the entire lifecycle so that your assets and projects deliver their best-possible performance. Through our broad expertise in plant design, construction, operation and optimisation, we minimise your risks and costs and thereby increase your return.

We are your strategic business partner with a mission to support you in reducing your carbon footprint and improving your safety, profitability and sustainability in the energy and mining sectors.

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3 questions for our experts

3 Questions for Jack Beks - Senior Project Engineer

  1. Jack, you have more than 30 years of professional and international experience in the power and energy industry and have worked on numerous power plant development projects. What do you like so much about your job at RWE?
  2. Jack, you're an expert on converting power plants to biomass. In your opinion, what are the advantages and benefits of a conversion to biomass and further future opportunities?
  3. Power plant conversion especially from coal fired to more  environmental friendly plants, is a very complex and challenging task. What are currently the most important technical issues that you and your colleagues are working on?

3 Preguntas a Jack Beks - Senior Project Engineer

  1. Jack, usted cuenta con más de 30 años de experiencia profesional e internacional en el sector eléctrico y energético trabajando en numeroso proyectos de desarrollo de centrales eléctricas. ¿Qué le encanta en cuanto a su trabajo en RWE?
  2. Jack, usted es un experto para convertir centrales eléctricas en plantas de biomasa. ¿Cuáles son a su parecer las ventajas y los beneficios de la conversión en biomasa y las oportunidades ulteriores en el futuro?
  3. La conversión de centrales eléctricas de plantas de combustión de carbón a plantas más respetuosas con el medio ambiente es una tarea muy compleja y exigente. ¿Cuáles son en la actualidad los temas técnicos más importantes en los que usted y sus compañeros trabajan?

3 perguntas para Jack Beks - Senior Project Engineer

  1. Jack, tem mais de 30 anos de experiência profissional e internacional na indústria de eletricidade e energia e trabalhou em numerosos projetos de desenvolvimento de centrais elétricas. Do que é que gosta tanto no seu trabalho na RWE?
  2. Jack, é um especialista na conversão de centrais elétricas em biomassa. Na sua opinião, quais são as vantagens e benefícios de uma conversão para biomassa e quais são as oportunidades futuras?
  3. A conversão de centrais elétricas, especialmente de carvão queimado para centrais mais ecológicas, é uma tarefa muito complexa e desafiante. Quais são atualmente as questões técnicas mais importantes em que você e os seus colegas estão a trabalhar?

的三问三答 Jack Beks - Senior Project Engineer

  1. Jack,您在电力和能源产业方面有 30 余年的国际化专业经验,曾参与过多个发电厂开发项目。在 RWE 工作期间,您喜欢您的工作的哪一方面?
  2. Jack,您是将发电厂转为使用生物质的专家。在您看来,转为使用生物质有何好处和优势,未来这方面有何机遇?
  3. 发电厂燃料的转换,尤其是从燃煤发电厂转为更为环保的发电厂,是一项非常复杂且有挑战性的任务。目前您和同事们正在处理的最重要的技术问题是什么?

Our top topics and highlights

Carbon Footprint Reduction

RWETI offers engineering consulting services and innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

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RWE Technology International GmbH at a glance

Our Experts – Your Profit


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Our Management

Learn more about the RWE TI executive team.

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Project References

View our selected global project highlights.

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Media Library

Watch Videos about the latest topics around the power sector.

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RWE TI in brief

RWE Technology International GmbH is a subsidiary of RWE Generation.

Our expertise involves more than just delivering energy projects. We cover the entire life cycle of energy assets, minimizing our customers’ risks and increasing their returns. We work as a strategic business partner helping you to develop investment opportunities, decide to invest in energy projects until long after the energy asset has been commissioned.

Business sectors

Thermal Generation, Mining, Renewables, Grid Connections 

About us

RWE Technology International (RWE TI) is a leading engineering consulting company. With more than 200 employees we provide independent expertise, technical and operational advice to global energy markets. 

Focus areas

Engineering Consulting for Energy Assets and complex projects both Conventional and Renewable, Due Dilligence, and Expert Studies, Construction Supervision, Project Management, Procurement Support, Owner’s Engineer, Lender’s Engineer, O&M Services, Energy Efficiency, Asset Management, Plant Modernization, Mine Technology and Logistic Solutions, In-pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) 


  • Essen, Germany (Headquarters)
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Dortmund, Germany
  • Swindon, United Kingdom 
  • Geertruidenberg, Netherlands

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RWE Technology International GmbH

Ernestinenstraße 60
45141 Essen