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Group-wide scope with global impact

Management Consultancy generalists. Energy sector specialists.

Management consulting at RWE means delivering the full range of consultancy competencies across a vast array of business-critical energy sector projects.

The RWE Consulting team is embedded within the wider Group Strategy division and works hand-in-hand with our Corporate Strategy and Sustainability teams. One of the forces behind RWE's 2040 objective to become a 100% climate-neutral company, our small, exclusive team of around 20 Consultants drives key strategic initiatives with a direct mandate from our CEO. Our focus is on top-priority projects for the company and our high-impact work ranges from strategy development to implementation.

Whether you join us as an entry level Consultant or with a wealth of experience behind you, you’ll enjoy close collaboration with the same high level of stakeholders. Additionally, the scope of work you’ll undertake will be truly unique within the industry, spanning the full complement of RWE’s subdivisions.

Dr. Mark Hillenbach, Head of Management Consulting
Dr. Mark Hillenbach, Head of Management Consulting

“This is an incomparable workplace for ambitious Consultants who want that perfect balance of sector specialism and project breadth. Where else could you have the same industry-wide view of the transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewables? We are true enablers of change, with global societal impact. The opportunities at RWE Consulting to develop and progress are limitless.”

Dr. Mark Hillenbach, Head of Management Consulting

Our projects

As RWE Consulting grows, so will the scope of management projects that we’re tasked with undertaking. And that scope is already significant. Here are just some of the areas that our team of Consultants have focused on.

Renewables post-merger integration project

Establishing the RWE Hydrogen Organisation project


TranS4mer SAP S/4HANA Project Management Office


What will your life be like as an internal Consultant?

Being embedded within the wider RWE team, on the same campus as many of your clients, gives you an unprecedented sense of connection and collaboration.

Our in-house Consultants are strategic partners for their clients’ unique needs. So, as one of them, you’ll own your individual work streams while working closely alongside colleagues from all over RWE to co-create actionable, high-impact strategies.

Group-wide experience on a varied range of projects will enable you to quickly get to know and develop mutually advantageous relationships with multiple key stakeholders from across the RWE Group, including its senior leadership team.

Plus, if you’re interested in progressing towards a line management role within the energy sector, the broad exposure you’ll gain through our projects will better position you to make an informed choice, as well as giving you competitive advantage.

Jan Ole Storzer, Project Lead
Jan Ole Storzer, Project Lead

“In-house consulting vs external consulting? For me, it’s not even a choice. I know my clients as colleagues. I understand the ‘what, how and why’ of their needs. The outputs I’m able to deliver are, therefore, more collaborative, more on-point and more likely to get signed-off. For me, in-house wins every time.”

Jan Ole Storzer, Project Lead

How to apply for a Consultancy role

Ready to start making an impact on our Consulting team? Okay, here are the steps you’re going to need to take.

Step 1

Submit an online application via the RWE career website

Step 2

Complete a challenging analytical test designed to assess your cognitive reasoning skills 

Step 3

Conduct an online interview with our HR Business Partner 

Step 4

Participate in our recruiting day and receive instant feedback afterwards.
For Graduates we’ve prepared a case on our PrepLounge profile which provides you with a deeper understanding of what you might be working on.

Your contact

HR / Recruiting Consulting | RWE
HR / Recruiting Consulting | RWE

Please feel free to contact one of our colleagues if you have questions regarding an open vacancy in Consulting or you need general information about working in the Consulting area of RWE.

In order to get back to you as soon as possible, please leave a message in our Consulting-Inbox.

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