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Building a Consultancy career after university

Take on responsibility right from the start

Coming to RWE Consulting straight from university, you’ll immediately be a key part of a project team. That means you’ll be contributing to a key aspect of RWE’s business, propelling it forward and delivering a step change from the moment you arrive.

You’ll have responsibility for your own project deliverables and will, typically, be operating within a senior management stakeholder environment. As such, you’ll collaborate with high-level senior management very early on in your career.

For a burgeoning management professional, there’s arguably no better route into the energy sector.


Joining RWE Consulting in a direct entry Graduate Consultant role is an unmatched opportunity to fast-track your career within the energy sector. From the day you join us, you’ll be given full Consultant status. So, whilst you’ll enjoy comprehensive onboarding that enables you to find your feet quickly within the business, you can also start to have real input into business-critical projects from day one.

Part of a diverse, tight-knit and highly collaborative team that thrives on curiosity, empathy, creativity and assertiveness, you will get to see every aspect of our business as you regularly rotate throughout projects. You will benefit from a steep learning curve, driven by our strong feedback culture, and climb the career ladder quickly. It’s about rapidly building your consulting skill-set, gathering broad energy industry knowledge and developing your network for a future career in the RWE Group.

Oliver de Bruijn, Consultant
Oliver de Bruijn, Consultant

“I had my sights set on the energy sector throughout university, because it would give me the chance to make a positive, global impact. When I realised RWE Consulting would allow me to pursue this goal, working on exciting projects and developing a broad range of skills, I realised this was the route for me.”

Oliver de Bruijn, Consultant

You want to know more about my day-to-day insights into our RWE Consulting team? Then contact me through LinkedIn here.

Ready to test your knowledge about Consulting?

For Graduates we’ve prepared a case on our PrepLounge profile which provides you with a deeper understanding of what you might be working on. It’s fun to solve it.

Internship as Visiting Consultant

An RWE Consulting internship as a Visiting Consultant gives you the opportunity to join us for three-to-six months, gaining valuable management consultancy experience and a preview of your future work life. Visiting Consultants typically join us after the third semester of their bachelor’s degree, during their master’s degree or in a gap year between the two.

The internship gives you business-critical responsibility from the moment you arrive, working on real, client-facing projects. We will give you regular feedback during the project, as well as at the end of your time as a Visiting Consultant. When you leave us, you will be given a reference and will take a whole lot of invaluable training with you, upon which to build your career.

An internship as a Visiting Consultant is a great way to test the water and see if a Consultancy career is right for you. Many Visiting Consultants who come to us actually fast-track onto a full-time Graduate position once they have successfully completed the internship.

What it takes to become part of our team

Whether you want to explore the world of consulting with us as an intern, or already know that consulting is your passion and want to start your career with us as a direct entry Management Consultant, RWE Consulting may be the right choice for you. This is what you’ll need to bring:

It doesn’t matter what you’re studying at university - in fact, we actively encourage students from all manner of programmes to apply. What matters is that you’re seriously ambitious, have collected excellent grades and are ready to start working on projects with global impact right away.

What it takes to become part of our team
What it takes to become part of our team

Curious, analytically flexible and fun to work with, you’ll be someone who thrives on teamwork and ideas-sharing. You may even have gained some experience in a consultancy already, or at a large corporate.

Energy sector experience isn’t necessary, because if you’re smart, ready to learn at a fast pace and excited by the idea of inputting into a more sustainable future, you’ll fit right in.

Want to meet us in person and get to know more about RWE Consulting? 

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HR / Recruiting Consulting | RWE
HR / Recruiting Consulting | RWE

Please feel free to contact one of our colleagues if you have questions regarding an open vacancy in Consulting or you need general information about working in the Consulting area of RWE.

In order to get back to you as soon as possible, please leave a message in our Consulting-Inbox.

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