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Curious, collaborative and driven to make a difference

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What drives us?

Our aim and purpose

“Our energy for a sustainable life” – a purpose that conveys the high standards we have set for ourselves in shaping RWE’s future. So, coming to RWE Consulting – whatever your level of experience –is a choice based on a certain set of career needs. And one of the most common needs fulfilled, here, is the ability to do meaningful work.

We’re RWE’s trusted advisors. A team that’s driven to make a difference – to the business, the energy sector, and society in general. It’s about doing something that both satisfies our curiosity and enables us to leave our professional footprints.

RWE’s €multi-billion investment into Renewables is directed at making the RWE Group 100% carbon neutral by 2040. And Consulting is helping to drive forward green hydrogen and other energy transformation projects central to delivering this remit.

What are our Consultants like?

What personality traits make a good Consulting professional?

Each career level, of course, demands a different amount of experience and an ever-more expansive skill set as you progress. However, there are some core traits that define all our Consulting professionals.

How do we collaborate with the client?

The RWE Consulting way of working

As a collaborative, tight-knit team with a focus on making work fun, we often pursue a co-creative approach with our clients. We enjoy the collaboration with colleagues from all over the RWE Group who contribute their expert knowledge to deliver the project results.

Let’s take a look at what we mean by co-creation.

What do we mean by co-creation?
Co-creation means joint development of project deliverables with the client
It means a sense of shared project ownership
You and your client equally invested in the project
Fusing insider knowledge with a Consulting perspective
Strong relationships. Workable solutions. Early client buy-in.

How do we interact as a team?

Our team culture

RWE Consulting is a safe space within which we can share, support each other and overcome challenges together. It’s also a lot of fun. Truth is, having a good time at work is at the root of the team spirit that drives us. We value the opportunity to shape our own course as a team – driving the direction of the business unit internally.

Inspired by the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, motivated by a culture of open feedback, and fulfilled by the sheer diversity of choices on offer to us, we forge ahead — each on our own individual paths and together as a team.

How do we interact as a team?

Your contact

HR / Recruiting Consulting | RWE
HR / Recruiting Consulting | RWE

Please feel free to contact one of our colleagues in HR / Recruiting if you have questions regarding an open vacancy in Consulting, need general information about working in the Consulting area of RWE or would like to follow up on your application.

In order to get back to you as soon as possible, please leave a message in our Recruiting-Consulting-Inbox.

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