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Along with solar power, wind power answers the question of how we will structure the future of energy. Wind power has grown to become the most efficient renewable energy source during the past two decades. In addition to the number of wind turbines, the capacity of the individual units has grown enormously.

With more than 9 GW of installed capacity worldwide, both offshore and onshore, we are already one of the largest operators of renewables. We operate onshore wind facilities of more than 6.5GW.

How does an onshore wind farm take shape?

We are proud to be one of the world’s largest owners and operators of onshore and offshore wind farms. The design and approval process for onshore wind farms differs in a number of aspects from projects on the open sea. RWE offers a wide range of opportunities for local authorities to participate in onshore projects – from the region, for the region, you might say: If you, as a local authority, want to work with a partner to turn an onshore wind farm project into reality, look no further than RWE.

We offer different kinds of participation models and are open to new ideas. We are very happy to include your residents in the process.  

We support this with our many years of expertise, our personnel and logistical infrastructure as well as our experience in dialogue with key stakeholders. We have a particular interest in regional added value. A nationwide team of specialists looks after every individual phase of the project, from the initial site inspection to planning, construction, and operation of the system.

RWE aims for growth in the onshore market in Europe, the Americas and Australia

Germany is one of RWE’s core markets

That is exactly why the country is one of the representative of our onshore operations worldwide. Wind energy is the backbone of the German energy transition. RWE is making a decisive contribution to this. We have been developing wind farms for over 25 years. At RWE, we want to do even more in future to ensure that wind energy can play its part in the future energy supply, especially in our home market of Germany. And we are investing heavily in the further expansion of our project pipeline.

We also know that wind energy is a very local business. That is why we are strongly expanding our presence in all regions. RWE develops and builds these projects with a view to operating them over a long period of at least twenty years. Accordingly, the quality and local acceptance of the projects are particularly important to us.

In the region where we have our roots, the Rhenish mining area, we are an active partner in structural change and are demonstrating how this change can succeed with innovative projects in Bedburg and Jüchen.

Katja Wünschel | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Renewables Europe & Australia
Katja Wünschel | Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Renewables Europe und Australia

“The current decade is the decisive one on the path to climate neutrality. The goal is clear - and RWE is making it happen: we are opening seven additional offices in different parts of Germany for the onshore wind and solar business, which has a very regional focus. In the short term, about 200 employees will be hired for on-site project development. This is because every possible project in the renewable energy sector will be realised in Germany.”

Katja Wünschel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), RWE Renewables Europe & Australia

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Renewables jobs at RWE

At RWE, we are actively driving the energy transition and create jobs for a better tomorrow.

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Onshore wind power in harmony with conservation and biodiversity

RWE operates onshore wind farms in compliance with standards for conservation and wildlife protection under the authorising legislation. That also includes protection for flying creatures potentially at risk from the turbines.

RWE is also well known for voluntarily going far beyond the minimum legal standards to take all possible beneficial actions. We believe there is significant potential in supporting wildlife on the ground at our wind farms.

In the Rhenish region, which is known essentially for lignite extraction, RWE is working together with the Recultivation Research Centre to implement measures to improve biodiversity at its local onshore facilities. Among the developments at the Bedburg wind farm are four habitats linked by corridors. The aim of the corridor structure is to create an overarching system of linked habitats. The success of these activities is assessed through biomonitoring, and any possible opportunities for improvement are worked out on this basis.

The accumulation of stones, loess, sand and dead wood, together with the development of small bodies of water and wildflower strips, enables valuable habitats to take shape. In an ideal situation, achieving biodiversity potentials at onshore wind farms creates a habitat stepping stone for wild bee and butterfly species, and also for reptiles and amphibians. If required, these areas can also continue to be used as set-up areas or driving surfaces.

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