Making old wind farms fit for the future

More efficiency and more profit from repowering

We turn old into new

When the 20 years of EEG (Renewable Energy Act) support for old wind farms runs out, repowering of existing wind farms greatly extends their useful life. What’s more, replacing 1st-generation wind turbines with the latest models will significantly increase their efficiency.

You can rely on the experience, competence and financial strength of RWE as your partner for future-proof repowering projects.

Aerial view of repowering in Lesse

Repowering at RWE

How the operation and efficiency of onshore wind farm Panther Creek III were extended

By upcycling the Panther Creek III onshore wind farm in Texas, USA, which was connected to the grid for the first time in 2009, RWE is demonstrating the potential of repowering. 133 wind turbines were sustainably recycled as part of this repowering project.

This processing of the rotor blades carried out by Veolia North America contributes to effectively increasing the annual production of the wind farm.

Panther Creek III extension | Repowering at RWE

Your benefits with RWE

Have a look at how repowering optimizes a wind farm.

If you own a wind farm, know of a wind project that would benefit from repowering or are unsure whether repowering at your site or on your land is even possible? We are more than happy to have a chat about the best options in each case.

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