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You currently driving in your car or travelling by train and would like to find out what an average working life at RWE is like? Are you interested in an apprenticeship or are you just starting out on your career? Or are you curious to find out what it's like to work for a major global corporation, what kind of departments there are and what everyday working life is like? Then listen to what our colleagues have experienced so far and what they are fascinated of during their work at RWE.

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Why do we need Pride Month?

Podcast with Andrew, Portfolio Electrical Engineer at RWE

Length: 4:10 minutes
Language: English

How does the LGBT*IQ community make itself visible at RWE?

Podcast with Michaela, Software Developer at RWE

Length: 3:06 minutes
Language: English

How did your colleagues react when you came out?

Podcast with Michelle, RWE Supply & Trading

Length: 2:25 minutes
Language: English

How to become an LGBT*IQ ally and supporter?

Podcast with Richard, Freight Trading at RWE

Length: 3:16 minutes
Language: English

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Talking about battery storage and #TEAMRWE

Podcast with Andrea Hu-Bianco, Chief Executive Officer at RWE Battery Solutions

Length: 7:17 minutes
Language: English


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